What is SWE?

SWE is a student-run organization for women engineers across the United States, providing a more relaxed environment for female engineering students and promoting student outreach. 

SWE not only includes women in engineering, but is open to anyone dedicated to promoting and advocating for women in STEM fields and providing a space for them. 

What SWE Does

The Society of Women Engineers is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the equal opportunity of women in the engineering workplace, as well as promoting the study of engineering! SWE, at the national level, was founded in 1950 and has since become a great opportunity to network with professionals, attend conferences, participate in outreach events, develop leadership skills, and to socialize with other women in engineering. At ERAU, we strive to uphold the same guiding principles. SWE at ERAU offers many social, professional development, and outreach events throughout the year; whether trying to make friends, establish a successful career, help the community, or all three. SWE has something for everyone! For more information, please check out SWE at ERAU on Facebook, and head over to the official website for information about the national organization.

IGEW Committee

Emma Lupo is the President of the ERAU section of the Society of Women Engineers, and is a senior studying Engineering Physics with a concentration in Instrumentation. She was previously Secretary and head of the Outreach committee for the section. Outside of SWE, she is a Resident Advisor, on the NASA Lunabotics Team, and works in the tutoring center. Emma has been in awe of space ever since she was a young girl and got her first telescope. Since then, she has always wanted to explore and learn about the universe with the help of engineering. With IGEW, Emma hopes that girls will see that they can pursue anything they dream of, and inspire the next generation of female engineers.

Brianna Hitchcock is a sophomore at ERAU majors in Aerospace Engineering. She is involved in the Society of Women Engineers as a member of the IGEW Committee. She was involved in the IGEW Committee last year as a committee ambassador, and is proud to say that she has joined the team! Brianna is also involved in the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Lab on campus on the Spectre team, where she is working with her team to design and build a high powered rocket. She was introduced to engineering when I was in 5th grade, at an event just like IGEW! Her dream has been to become an engineer ever since going through that event. Brianna hopes for IGEW 2021 is to implement more engaging and fun modules for the girls to learn and enjoy this year!

Elena Djudaric is a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. This will be her first year on the IGEW committee. She is an active member with the Society of Women Engineers, First Generation Students Association, and occasionally participates with the drumline in the pep band. Born in Florida, she has grown fond of experiencing the past shuttle and rocket launches from the space coast. Her goal for IGEW this year is to provide a smooth, fun, exciting, and educational experience for all participants.

Samantha Balistreri is a senior studying Software Engineering. She has been involved in the Society of Women Engineers since the beginning of her freshman year. She has served both on a committee and as an officer of the Embry-Riddle section. On the Society level, Samantha is the lead of the Working with Underserved Youth focus area of the Outreach Committee. Her passion for creativity and ingenuity is what drove her toward a career in engineering, but she never would have made it to where she is without those who inspired her to pursue her dreams. Samantha is hoping this year's event will help empower and inspire even more of the youth in our community.

Carly McDonald is a first-year aerospace engineering major from Berea, Kentucky She is the IGEW Committee Ambassador, and this is her first year in this position and in SWE. She is employed by the ERAU admissions office as Student Ambassador/Blogger and a member of ERAU's EcoCAR Mobility Challenge Controls Development and Testing team and has contributed to the Avion. Carly has been fascinated with flight since she was young and had an opportunity to collaborate on an experiment sent to the International Space Station in her junior year of high school. Her current goal for IGEW is to encourage more girls and young women to pursue STEM careers.