Frequently Asked Questions

IGEW 2021

Is IGEW still happening this year?

Yes! IGEW will still be happening this year, however it will be held virtually. Students will receive a bag filled with all of the supplies needed for each of the modules. Paper instructions will be included in the bag, and video instructions will be released on the day of IGEW.

How will we get the supplies?

Parents will be able to big up the bag of supplies a week before IGEW, on February 20th. Pick up will be held at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and will be a drive-through pick-up.


Who runs this event? Why?

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University hosts this event annually to show young girls all the possibilities of Engineering. This team of Aerospace, Civil, Mechanical Engineering, Business and Unmanned Aircraft Systems majors created this event to show attendees that STEM is a fun field they can pursue. 

Who can participate?

3rd to 5th grade girls are allowed to participate in IGEW. There is a parent session later in the day, close to pickup hours, for which parent participation is encouraged, otherwise participation is limited to the girls signed up for the event.

Is lunch included?

Yes! Every child gets a FREE lunch, which includes water, pizza, chips and fruit.

What if my child has an allergy?

On the registration form sent out, list any allergies or medical concerns that you have for your child. Upon review of responses, the committee running the event will contact you to discuss lunch options for your child.  

My child has a medical condition- how is IGEW prepared for it?

All of our volunteers undergo two training sessions concerning emergency response protocol and we have Campus Safety on alert should anything happen. In addition, children with allergies or serious medical conditions are given a discrete bracelet along with their group bracelet that will indicate the child's needs. This is necessary to ensure that the proper medical procedure can be implemented. If a medical emergency arises, parents will be contacted.

Where can I register my child(ren)?

Follow the link here to register your child(ren). 

When does this event occur? Is it a repeating event?

This event is held annually in the spring. This year, IGEW will be held on February 8th, 2020. Drop-off is at 7:30 am and pick-up is at 3:30 pm. Refer to the "About IGEW" page for more schedule information.

Can a parent attend this event with their child?

No, but parents are encouraged to attend the parent module! See the schedule for more information. 

How are groups assigned? Can we request a specific group?

Group assignment is random so girls have the opportunity to meet new people. We will not accept any specific requests for special groupings.

How interactive is this event?

IGEW is a highly hands-on event, where the participants go through five STEM-inspired modules that allow the girls to perform science- and technology- related activities. Usually at least one of the events results in a take-home project.

When is registration due?

Registration is due by February 5th at 11:59 pm. 


What/where is the drop-off process?

Pick-up and drop off are both located at the Mori Hosseini Student Union on the Daytona Beach Campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Additional information regarding the drop-off and pick-up procedure will be provided as the event nears. 

Can I drop my child off late?

Late arrivals cannot participate in the program for medical safety reasons.

What if someone else is picking up my child?

If you require a relative or other trusted individual to pick up your child from IGEW, there will be a space on the third page of the registration form where you can list their names. These people will then be able to check in to pick up your child after the event has been completed.